Thursday, January 1, 2015

Arnold's Life Advice

Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational speech

I occasionally post inspirational talks by Arnold Schwarzenegger (here's another one) not because he is a celebrity or I am some hopeless fanboy or anything like that. I post them because they are cracking good advice for anyone. He is successful in many spheres of life for a reason. We can all learn from someone like Arnold.

This is a variation of Arnold's standard talk (which I have posted before elsewhere in another format, with slightly different anecdotes) on his background and how he accomplished what he has in life. You can put this on in the background while you are doing other things, maybe tune in and out when you can or when your ear catches something of interest, and catch a different tidbit every time you listen to it.

Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational speech

We all need some inspiration in life. Arnold is one of the best at inspiring people, regardless of what you may have read about him or your preconceptions. In the game of life, Arnold is a major winner, with the hard stumbles now and then that we all experience. He acknowledges that he is not perfect and that he is not always a role model, but instead shows that original attitude is the way to achieve rather than following rules.

The way I approach listening to an Arnold talk is to forget the particulars - he talks a lot about bodybuilding, which I never pursued, and he name-drops mercilessly, which is distracting - and instead focus on the determination success takes and the approach to problems that he sets forth. Forget the celebrity and instead listen to the chutzpah and the way that he accomplishes things. This is about you, not about him. Don't forget that.

I hope this reaches somebody who it can help. Good luck!

Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational speech

Hasta la vista, baby.


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