Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Guy Advice: Five Deadly Terms Used By Women

Guy Advice: If You Hear These, Head Directly to the Doghouse

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Five Deadly Terms Used By Women

The fact that there are multiple versions of five deadly terms used by women is a pretty good indication that it is common knowledge among women that there are certain code words to be used in emergency situations. Each of these phrases is a warning unto itself and should be treated with extreme seriousness. The real danger, though, is when they get combined, the dreaded "Double Hex": "Whatever, go ahead" is the most reported instance, especially while shopping. The Double Hex also sometimes is observed in the subject when she raises her eyes skyward or folds her arms tightly together. Using one of these gestures with a Double Hex combination is known as the "Terrible Trifecta," while combining all four at once is the fabled and rarely seen "Fleeing Foursome," last reported by William Jefferson [name withheld] of Little Rock, Arkansas when he came home from "bowling" at 3 a.m. with the excuse that the match "went into extra frames."

Five Deadly Terms randommustings.filminspector.com

Here's an example of the extremely rare Fleeing Foursome: woman crosses arms, looks skyward, and says in a low voice, "Fine, whatever." This is your signal to FLEE FOR THE HILLS. If she is tapping her foot at the same time, it's already too late.

Five Deadly Terms randommustings.filminspector.com

Good luck dealing with these five deadly terms!


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Thursday, August 9, 2012

I love my pillow because....

Who Do You Love?

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And everyone always comments on my hairstyles, too!

My pillow is my best friend, it's there for me every night and never complains about a thing.


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