Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Roadrunner Theme in Korean

Translation of an American Classic

road runner

This is the actual theme song in Korean. I like it better than the original, which you may look at here, so you have the chance to decide for yourself. "Load-lunner lalalalalala." Beep Beep!''

Below is the same theme, over the end credits. The truly observant will note the presence in "Additional Voice Characterizations" (there was someone else besides the two stars?) of the legendary June Foray, who is still very much going strong as of the date of this writing (2013) as a voice actress. The legendary animator Chuck Jones also is listed in the "Stories By" section.

Beep Beep!!


Monday, February 25, 2013

A cat's reaction to the 2013 Oscars

Argo won Best Picture? And the Director Ben Affleck wasn't even nominated?

A cat's reaction to the 2013 Oscars hosted by Seth MacFarlane. "He sang about.... WHAT????"

Six Reasons to be a Cat

Six Reasons to Consider Being a Cat

Consider being a cat
And you get lots of loving!

Really, it's a cat's world, we just get to live in it, too.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's a Jeep, If I wanted a Hummer I'd....

If I wanted a hummer I'd call your sister
Tale that!

Jeep owners are very precise about their word choices. Very scholarly, protective of the brand and looking for the fundamental truth underlying all things. Cogito ergo sum, res ipsa locquitor, and parlez-vous redneck!

The Key to Having Conrol Over your Life

Rein it in and Your Ride will be Smoother

Control your thoughts
It's not as easy as you might think

Get control over yourself, then others won't bother you.

Health Benefits of Something You Never Heard Of

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt

Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt
You don't have to go to the Himalayas to get this, either!

Just another helpful hint about something that may not be a miracle, but sure is helpful.

Natural Pain Killers

Natural is Good

natural pain killers
Most of these are quite tasty even if you have no pain!

Sure, you feel good now....

natural pain killers
I don't need any reason to eat pineapple!

... but I guarantee you that someday, if you like natural remedies, these will come in very handy!

Natural pain killers
Nothing better than blueberries in season to cure just about anything!

Hope some of these can help someone out there.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

You Never Know How Close You Are

Giving Up is the Only Mistake

Never give up
Don't give up, never give up.

You never know how close you are to your dreams. They could be right around the next corner! Never give up! Courtesy of Anthony Robbins.

Male Prostitute

male prostitute
And don't worry, I'll take notes, too!

Forget about Mel Gibson movies and all that jazz, this is what women really want.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How I Move My Stuff

Moving stuff

Here's the deal, you pack all your stuff on the old beater, then you floor it! Well, it's either this, or I have Max pull my sleigh.

That Awkward Moment When You've Already Said...

Awkward moment

I know, I know, it's me, it's not you, dear. Could you go over that one more time, please?

Why You Should Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking
Stop smoking.

This is a topic near and dear to my own heart, believe me. If stuff like this annoys you, just wonder for a moment what it means that total strangers care more about your health than you do.

My Big 'ol Pile 'o Snow

My Big Pile Of Snow

I will be looking back at these photos fondly in July!

These are pictures from a blizzard that hit my area of Colorado on February 20, 2013. Everybody has their own pictures and memories, undoubtedly more interesting and dramatic than mine. However, these pictures make me chuckle, and as my header above says, I post things that make me chuckle in hopes they have the same effect on you.

These are a few pictures of my major shoveling operation in the aftermath of the storm. Colorado needs the water yak yak yak, I know, I'm not saying I hate snow and I'm not complaining. I am fine with snow. Really. I love snow. I love water. I love Colorado. I LOVE JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING IN COLORADO. I'm just showing you pictures of my snow pile without trying to imply any kind of snarky comments about anything.

Watch, it will be over 50 Degrees by sometime next week (postscript - It actually took until the first few days of March for it to hit 50 Degrees, so about ten days).

Blizzard February 20-21 2013

Blizzard February 20-21 2013

Blizzard February 20-21 2013

Blizzard February 20-21 2013

Blizzard February 20-21 2013

Blizzard February 20-21 2013

Blizzard February 20-21 2013

And we had another snowstorm on February 27, 2013:

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Patience: What You Have When....

patience witnesses
Are you looking at me? Are YOU looking at ME?

Gotta learn to keep a handle on it, bud. Patience is next to Godliness.

Monday, February 18, 2013

What Lies Behind Us....

what lies within us
Sometimes you have to dig deep, and you won't know how deep until you get there

Be positive, be strong, arm yourself with courage because nobody else is going to save you.