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Monday, March 31, 2014

Luckiest Car Owner Ever

Luckiest car owner ever

I think you will agree that the owner of this car is about as lucky as it is humanly possible to be.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

If You Were My Husband....

if you were my husband

Ah, some major league flirting going on!

Just collecting some of the all-time classics here for our amusement.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Be True To Yourself

We're All Beautiful

be true to yourself

This is a good reminder that if you live your life according to what other people say and do, you're a loser. You need to live your life for you and nobody else. If somebody else thinks that your doing something is wrong, they're entitled to that opinion, but don't let it guide you onto a path you wouldn't take otherwise.

Learn how other people control you, and resist their attempts to make you into something you're not. It's your life, and you're beautiful.

Monday, March 24, 2014

How Russia is Different Than Anywhere Else


So, you decide to leave your car in an illegal spot for a little bit. Hey, it might get you a ticket, big deal, you have a drawer full of them, whatever. Worst comes to worst, the car gets booted or perhaps even towed down to the local impound yard. Man, it would be terrible to pay the hundreds of dollars they would probably demand, but, well, your car is worth it. And it's only money that's at risk, right? You've got important things to do and money to burn, you are an Important Person and they will not Mess With You.

Well, not necessarily. Not if you park in the wrong parking space in Russia.

The Russian spirit is a lot different than that in some decadent Democracy or some third-world country. In some liberal place, they would tow you and then gouge you on the retrieval costs to make their point - their point being that they can gouge you. In an impoverished country, they might boot you or tow you your maybe just let it slide. Whatever, that's how things work. They probably won't have the equipment handy or, frankly, the desire or the need to do anything more.

Well, in Russia, they do things in a big way. You mess with them, they mess with you. They are prepared for this and know how to handle people who do not show sufficient Respect. The above video shows how.

There's also another, even more horrifying possibility: perhaps the car wasn't parked illegally at all. Perhaps someone just wanted a car, had a big ol' truck, and decided yours looked appetizing. Hey, they always had a thing for a '96 Chevy! And around those parts, well, people take what they want.

Just remember: things are different in Russia.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

"You Lack Discipline!" - Arnold


Der Arnold is going wild on his youtube account, which is just his name Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you are at all an Arnold fan, it is just priceless to suddenly see a new 30-second clip from him where he obviously is playing a role for fun.

In this clip, Arnold gives his interpretation of a coach explaining what is wrong with your approach to life. He sure is getting mileage out of that tank!

Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be the coolest and baddest dude on earth, but he's right up there. Give his account a look.

"There is no bathroom!!!"

Friday, March 21, 2014

Visual Test

visual test

Take a look at the above picture. There is no trick, you should see a face.

Do you see a youngish woman, or an obviously old woman.

I'll be honest, I saw the old woman at first. Then I looked away, looked back, and saw the young woman. I can now switch back and forth at will, but it took a smidgen of practice.

This supposedly says something about your right brain vs. your left brain having control, but I am not trying to psychoanalyze people or freak them out over some nonsense like this. So, I won't say what the different interpretations might mean in a Rorschach Test way.

But with one, you're a wacko! LOL.

How the other half lives
Right on!

/rant on

Some of us have been around people and experienced things that make this seem not quite as wacky as it should in a perfect world. Being around the ultra-wealthy is not as pleasurable an experience as you might imagine, especially in retrospect.

The older you get, the more you realize that success and influence in many, many fields accrues from family influence. It's way more important than anything else in determining what happens to you as you go along.

Oh, and no slights intended toward oil barons, everyone with too much till in the bank acts the same way.

/rant off

Wish I had a dad like that!!

Friday, March 14, 2014


Either you have it, or you don't.

Some things you just can't fake. Either you've got it, or you don't. There's no in-between. Well, maybe there is some in-between.

This lady has it. Strategy. You've always got to have it.

If You're Gonna Be Dumb....

Don't be dumb

This is probably shopped all to blazes, but it's kind of amusing anyway.

You have to watch out for the real mama grizzlies!

Modern Struggles

modern struggles

We've all been there - the remote is all the way across the room so we just keep the same channel on until someone comes in and can hand it to us. Or that light that we left on before going to bed, well, the switch to flip it off will still be there in the morning, right? So just leave it on. Or that dustball on the floor, why, if we just kick it under the table, then we won't have to go find the vacuum cleaner until next week!

Modern struggles.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger Crushes It!!!

"Come to LA and Crush Things In My Tank!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger tank crush it
Arnold with his tank


"After hard work, laboring and slaving away, I finally have achieved my lifelong dream." - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Some things are just there, and you have to watch.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his tank, crushing random things, is one such thing.

Watch der Governator crush all the things!

"I finally possess my own f'ing tank!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold shared some stories about his Austrian Army days in his autobiography "Total Recall," and he mentions one story in the video below. You can only imagine how much fun it would be, going hiking or something with him or driving around on his tank, as he tells you stories that are probably 80% true and 20% pure Arnold the Storyteller.

Arnold has become a quite unlikely Youtube star. But never bet against this guy - he's accomplished more in his life than pretty much anyone.

You will probably find this amusing even if you aren't a fan. It's all for charity, of course. Der Arnold has been releasing these things regularly, he's good to subscribe to. He'll be back!

The theme is simple: to the strains of the Eurythmics' “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” Arnold gets in his tank, drives it himself (you can see him driving it, and fast), and crushes things. Anything he wants to crush, in fact.

The video was made for Schwarzenegger's charity that raises funds for after-school programs for kids, a cause he championed in his first run for governor of California. As part of a contest for the charity, Schwarzenegger is going to play host to a randomly selected winner who will get to drive around in his tank and, well, crush things.

Yes, it is his tank, which he keeps on a ranch in California. It is the same one he trained in during the 1960s when just a lad in the Austrian Army, an M47 Patton tank, 50 tons of working goodness.

Arnold Schwarzenegger tank crush it
Arnold Schwarzenegger at the wheel of his tank

Help Arnold crush the things! And help out his charity.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How Not to Water-Ski

A Perfect Demonstration of What Not to Do

water-skiing fail
I don't think he meant to do that....

Some things are perfect for all the wrong reasons.

This, for example, is a perfect demonstration of how not to water-ski.

Oh, and, I don't know, maybe consider tieing your drawstring a little tighter next time?

Just a thought.


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Can There Be Too Much Togetherness?

Love, love, love

So, you're totally in love, or you have been totally in love, or you want to be totally in love. That's so special. Don't worry - it happens to everybody sooner or later.

Love, love, love.

You wouldn't be normal unless at some point in your life the birds always seemed to be chirping and you mind always turned to thoughts of love. But while you dance amongst the roses, we have a serious question to propose:
Is there such a thing as too much togetherness? 
And, we think we have the answer. The definitive answer.

Love, love, love

The answer:

coed facilities
The answer.

And here we present the answer to that age-old question: "Is there such a thing as too much togetherness?"

How you view the above picture should answer that question definitively for you, once and for all. That is, if what makes you squeamish, then the answer is a profound "Yes, togetherness is all well and good ... but enough is enough!"

If, on the other hand, it looks perfectly OK and, in fact, looks like an astonishingly efficient solution to dwindling spatial resources and, overall, a terrific advance in sanitary engineering, then I think we can mark you down in the "Hell No! There are no limits to togetherness!" camp.

Go ahead and draw your own conclusions. Oh, and notice which side has the lid up.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Where White Man Went Wrong"

white man Indian chief
All night!

Now, this old boy knew what he was talking about!

But we're working on the medicine man, clean water and women working part of the equation.