Thursday, June 12, 2014

Former President Bush Parachute Jump 2014

President Bush parachute jump

President Bush was a fighter pilot during World War II.

President H.W. Bush marked his 90th year with a parachute jump - just as he did in 1943 when he parachuted out of his burning plane into the Pacific.

This is the entire jump.

Not much more to add to this than that. If you do watch the video, you will see the former President from start to finish during the jump down to the family mansion. In the end, he and his helper make a perfect landing exactly on target. There to greet President Bush is his wife, Barbara (white hair), and G.W. Bush in the light tan leather jacket, both of whom give him a kiss. Jeb is likely there, too, but did not recognize him.

President Bush is paralyzed.

President Putin called to wish him a happy birthday.

President Bush parachute jump


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