Thursday, March 13, 2014

Arnold Schwarzenegger Crushes It!!!

"Come to LA and Crush Things In My Tank!"

Arnold Schwarzenegger tank crush it
Arnold with his tank.
Der Arnold has a tank. His very own tank.


"After hard work, laboring and slaving away, I finally have achieved my lifelong dream." - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Some things are just there, and you have to watch.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and his tank, crushing random things, is one such thing.

Watch der Governator crush all the things!

"I finally possess my own f'ing tank!" - Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold shared some stories about his Austrian Army days in his autobiography "Total Recall," and he mentions one story in the video below. You can only imagine how much fun it would be, going hiking or something with him or driving around on his tank, as he tells you stories that are probably 80% true and 20% pure Arnold the Storyteller.

Arnold has become a quite unlikely Youtube star. But never bet against this guy - he's accomplished more in his life than pretty much anyone.

You will probably find this amusing even if you aren't a fan. It's all for charity, of course. Der Arnold has been releasing these things regularly, he's good to subscribe to. He'll be back!

The theme is simple: to the strains of the Eurythmics' “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),” Arnold gets in his tank, drives it himself (you can see him driving it, and fast), and crushes things. Anything he wants to crush, in fact.

The video was made for Schwarzenegger's charity that raises funds for after-school programs for kids, a cause he championed in his first run for governor of California. As part of a contest for the charity, Schwarzenegger is going to play host to a randomly selected winner who will get to drive around in his tank and, well, get to crush things.

Yes, it is his tank, which he keeps on a ranch in California. It is the same one he trained in during the 1960s when just a lad in the Austrian Army, an M47 Patton tank, 50 tons of working goodness.

I'll be back! Hasta la vista, baybee!

Arnold Schwarzenegger tank crush it
Arnold Schwarzenegger at the wheel of his tank.
Help Arnold crush things! And help out his charity.


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