Monday, March 24, 2014

How Russia is Different Than Anywhere Else


So, you decide to leave your car in an illegal spot for a little bit. Hey, it might get you a ticket, big deal, you have a drawer full of them, whatever. Worst comes to worst, the car gets booted or perhaps even towed down to the local impound yard. Man, it would be terrible to pay the hundreds of dollars they would probably demand, but, well, your car is worth it. And it is only money that's at risk, right? You've got important things to do and money to burn, you are an Important Person and they will not Mess With You.

Well, not necessarily. Not if you park in the wrong parking space in Russia.

The Russian spirit is a lot different than that in some decadent Democracy or some third-world country. In some liberal place, they would tow you and then gouge you on the retrieval costs to make their point - their point being that they can gouge you. In an impoverished country, they might boot you or tow you your maybe just let it slide. Whatever. That's how things work. They probably won't have the equipment handy or, frankly, the desire or the need to do anything more.

Well, in Russia, they do things in a big way. You mess with them, they mess with you. They are prepared for this and know how to handle people who do not show sufficient Respect. The above video shows how.

There's also another, even more, horrifying possibility: perhaps the car wasn't parked illegally at all. Perhaps someone just wanted a car, had a big old truck, and decided yours looked appetizing. Hey, they always had a thing for a '96 Chevy! And around these parts, well, people take what they want.

Just remember: things are different in Russia.


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