Sunday, November 17, 2013

I Got the Power

Snap I've got the power

Snap - I've got the Power.

Just continuing my erratic tour through music that appeals to me.

When it comes to pop music, I'm not much of a fan of what might be called "hip hop." Just not my thing. Though sure, there are some catchy tunes there, but trying to figure out what some guy speaking 150 words a minute is saying never really grabbed me.

"I Got the Power," though, is just a classic that I never tire of hearing.

This largely forgotten song has some of the best lyrics of all time. "It's gettin' kind of heavy." "I'm the lyrical Jesse James." "I've got the power." "It's gettin' kind of hectic." "Stay off my back or I will attack, and you don't want that!"

Even the weird little "Sputnik," which isn't about the Sputnik you're likely to think at first, the intro is somehow just right.

Everything in the sparse video is spot on, though just exactly what they're trying to say is a bit murky.

I don't know the name of anyone in the video, who they are/were, what happened to them, where they are, whether they got rich or died poor. This is them, frozen in a  moment, the 3:51 of their lives that will live forever.

This stuff is RAD. Great, great video.


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