Friday, November 8, 2013

Emma Watson is Awesome

Emma Watson Cameron Adams

Emma Watson of Harry Potter fame posing with Cameron Adams. Never heard of this guy, "Cameron Adams," or his "spoof" of the Harry Potter films, but Emma Watson sure does seem like a good sport, doesn't she? She must meet quite a few "interesting" folks during her appearances. Well, they're all in the entertainment business, right?

Not sure I like the pixie haircut look on her. Really emphasizes the "little girl" image, which no doubt she's trying to shed in real life. Makes me wonder what role she was done up for in this picture.

On a side note, Emma does looks awfully young to have a drink in her hand, doesn't she? I doubt she'd have a swizzle stick in there if it were just ginger ale. I know, everyone loves her and so she can do no wrong, it is emphatically none of our business what she drinks, she's on her own time, she probably was of legal age in whatever jurisdiction she was in when this picture was taken blah blah blah. Just seems interesting to me, obviously a free-spirited girl. Perhaps a Tom Collins.

If you would like to see a nice collection of Emma Watson pictures, much better than the one above, you will find them here.


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