Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Said What?

Jennifer Lawrence Woody Harrelson
Jennifer Lawrence is a quick thinker on Woody Harrelson's bus.
Woody Harrelson recounts an anecdote about Jennifer Lawrence. She continues to amaze. Now, this is my kind of girl! When you can shock Woody Harrelson, you've taken it to the next level!

Interesting that he doesn't provide his response.

Okay, here's a snap quiz for the "real life" SATs: if Jennifer Lawrence comes into your bus and inquires whether your yoga swing is actually a sex swing, the correct answer is:
  1. No, it's a yoga swing that I only use in the mornings, alone.
  2. Actually, no, it's for curing the weed I'm growing in the back of the bus.
  3. No, what an impertinent question young lady!
  4. Wow, why, yes it is! You are so clever! Would you like to try it out?
I'll leave it to your imagination which of those choices, in this writer's opinion, is the proper response he should have given.


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