Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guy Advice: Texts

Guy Advice: The Fundamentals

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As part of my continuing efforts to help guys get along better with the ladies, herewith my latest revelation from my covert undercover intelligence sources. I must be up front on this, though, and admit that I, personally, have seen this practice being carried out. It is most often done after your girlfriend says something like, "I am going to the library to study" or "I have some girl shopping to do, I'll be back in an hour." Instead, the subject heads straight to her BFF's apartment, where other shadowy female figures soon congregate amidst jars of yogurt, candles and fluffy pillows.

Any guy who has dated enough women will run into this phenomenon at some point in some form (girls also like to gather together to read deep, dark significance into the color of the rose you happen to give one of them, which you will quickly find out if you think that yellow one looked really pretty), and so on and so forth - I absolutely guarantee it. I'm not worried about offending any women with this - you absolutely know, deep in your heart it's all true.

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