Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Gorn Day!

Happy Gorn Day!

Gorn with device Star Trek jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
My, what big eyes you have.

I know I am speaking to a select crew here, but you know who you are. Not everybody celebrates Christmas, or New Year's, or Passover, or anything like that. But everyone can celebrate Gorn Day!

Gorn Star Trek TOS jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
"And for my next number...."

For those unfamiliar with Gorn Day, it is the annual celebration of the single best villain in science fiction history. Yes, that includes you-know-who and how-can-a-Gorn-possibly-top that one. It even includes you-can't-possibly-be-serious. The Gorn made his first epic appearance in "The Arena," the classic "Star Trek" episode in which Captain Kirk blew the lumbering, sardonic reptilian alien straight back to his mother ship.

Gorn Sar Trek jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
"Kirk, hisssss, here's your Gorn Day present, hissss, hehehehe"

As seen in "The Arena" (kindly disregard all inferior later depictions except that in "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"), a Gorn is strong, brutal, merciful and quick. He also is slow as molasses and about as agile as a rock. Thankfully, he posed with said rock just for us.

Gorn Kirk William Shatner Star Trek TOS jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
"I love you, too. May I suggest some Scope? Ow!"

Each Gorn day is to be celebrated with gifts, one-legged races, bear-hugging, boulder-throwing, mortar fire and general frivolity. Wearing of a toga is strictly optional, unless you are a Metron.

Gorn Kirk William Shatner Star Trek TOS jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
"Kirk... hisssss.... Where'd you go.... hissss.... Oh."

When participating, kindly pick up your very own Gorn Costume from your local Star Fleet shop.

Gorn Star Trek TOS jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
"I hate days like this."

Thank you for your support.


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