Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Can You Spot the Leopard?

I bet it takes you some time to spot him!

Spot the leopard
Play "spot the leopard."

How long does it take you to spot the leopard? He's there, all right, but until you see him, you will be hunting in all the wrong places.  It took me a full minute - probably more, I wasn't timing myself - to see him, though of course everyone else is like, "Oh, it took me a few seconds." Sure, of course you saw him right away.

So don't feel bad if it takes you a bit of time to see the leopard. It took nature a few dozen million years to get this guy into position to jump when you obliviously walk by, enjoying the grass and leaves and trees and butterflies and smells and the warm day and everything else. Maybe you get to feeling so good that you decide you'll just sit down for a brief rest against that inviting tree, kick back a little out of the hot sun, maybe eat some lunch and then get a little shut-eye. You have plenty of time to rest a bit, then continue on your way and be home by dark before all the dangerous animals come out....

If you can't find him and say, "You're just kidding, there's no leopard there," well, my advice is to stay out of the jungle for your own good. That's camouflage!

Oh, here's a little musical accompaniment while you scan the landscape for that big... hungry cat.


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