Friday, February 14, 2014

Battle of the Sexes Chapter 843

The difference!
Ah, the battle of the sexes. The eternal battle.

Everybody who has been around the block a few times knows that there is no better way to start a fight than to start raising that evergreen topic of ... gender differences. What? There are gender differences?

You can practically map out the typical argument without much trouble. "Men are stronger." "Well, women are smarter!" "No they aren't." "Yes they are!" "No they aren't!" "Yes they are nyah nyah nyah!"

Well, this video takes that argument to a whole new level and will provide a new talking point for one side of the debate, namely, that they have bigger brains. To which the inevitable counter is... so what. Or, smaller is better because it has to do just as much in a smaller space. Or, that you just showed yours is tiny by the fact that you just made your partner hate you through the weekend by bringing it up in the first place.

I actually thought that everyone already knew the answer to this question, but, apparently not, since they just came to this conclusion in some scholarly journal.

Anyway, you'll need to watch to find out the answer. It's a funny video.


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