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Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, Jennifer Lawrence Style

Taylor Swift Jennifer Lawrence Ryan Seacrest
Jennifer Lawrence having a spot of fun while Taylor Swift thinks that she has the spotlight.
Anybody who follows this blog probably knows that I find Jennifer Lawrence delightfully wacky. Well, I am delighted to be able to report that she hasn't lost a step yet. So, here we have lifestyles of the rich and famous, Jennifer Lawrence division.

At the 2014 Golden Globes ceremony, we have Jennifer making fun of Taylor Swift while Taylor was being interviewed by the ubiquitous Ryan Seacrest. Or something like that. Lawrence looked so relaxed at being at this affair, almost like it is a study break at high school. I suppose when you spend half of you life at awards ceremonies or preparing for them, they kind of lose that mystique, you know?

All right, I don't spend my time at awards shows, either. So we can only imagine.

Taylor Swift Jennifer Lawrence Ryan Seacrest
Ryan Seacrest is the perfect straight man, he never even looks over.
Now, I'm not the suspicious type - oh wait, yes I am - so the fact that Seacrest was there makes me wonder. People might recall his part in the infamous "spilling of the dead leader's ashes" bit on the red carpet by Sacha Baron Cohen a few years ago while the latter was promoting his "The Dictator" movie.

Then, we take into account that Lawrence herself was famously interview-bombed by none other than Jack Nicholson recently. These red carpet/interview interruptions seem to be the new way to get a little extra attention.

So, I have my doubts that everything here is as impromptu as it all is supposed to appear. Especially considering that Lawrence was only there to accept an award as being the best actress in the world right now.

What do you think she is, some kind of actress? Well... yes. Yes, I do. These folks don't just "do things" at events on national tv without probably rehearsing them beforehand with something approaching sheer neurotic compulsion. Though I have to admit, Lawrence just might.

Jennifer Lawrence

Anyway, all that aside, Taylor Swift and Lawrence appear to have struck up quite the chummy friendship all of a sudden. Taylor, she, ahem, gets around. She also has a strange tendency to get into weird personal situations at big events, such as the time she made that face when her pal Selena Gomez kissed Justin Bieber in front of her. So, she's kind of a player in that way, too. Any publicity is good, though these folks sure don't need any more than they already have.

Anyway, below is some of the cutesy dialogs from the event.

"I was going to come in and push you down the stairs," Oscar winner Lawrence quipped to Grammy winner Swift. "I was like, 'She'll crack up. She would really love that.'"

Swift, beautiful in a red Carolina Herrera gown, kind of grunted that she was indeed amused by the idea. "That's so funny," she replied.

The two stars then shared a girly bit of banter over whether Lawrence had ever been to one of the singer's concerts. "She's never invited me," the "Hunger Games" actress claimed with fake indignation, prompting Swift to retort in Valley-Girl-speak, "I have invited you so many times!"

Isn't that so cutesy.

The friends find other ways to stay in touch, though. "Oh my God, I freaked out over the CMAs," Lawrence gushed. "I sent her a text message that was like six inches long."

"I was reading it, like, 'This is the most heartfelt text I've ever gotten," Swift noted. "I don't remember [what it said], but she was just so incredible. American Hustle, I was doing the same thing. I wanted so badly to send a novel text message!"

It's all just too cutesy and high school, let me go throw up. But they're both still ultra-cute.

All right, get ready for it, here's a patented "Taylor Swift surprised look" to end things.

Taylor Swift surprised MTV Awards
As a postscript to this, two weeks later, at the 2014 Grammys (these girls hit all the big awards shows), Swift had this to say to Lawrence (through the national media, of course, that's how big stars communicate instead of sending texts):
Thanks for your friendship and thanks for making amazing, terrifying faces behind me on camera when I'm trying to do an interview and not mess up! Good luck. I hope you win. I hope you win everything all the time. 
Awww, see, it was all taken in good spirit. Lawrence, incidentally, said she didn't think she had been on camera when she was goofing around - which kind of makes sense since she looked utterly stupid while she was doing whatever it was that she was doing.


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