Sunday, April 29, 2012

If a size 2 is beautiful....

if a size 2 is beautiful
More is more

We all should grow in self confidence. Be proud of yourself, you deserve it and you are beautiful.

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  1. Of course that's a false premise and a poor argument all around.

    For that size, for an average female height, that puts her well into the morbidly obese range. That's unhealthy by any standard.

    Further, her premise is that a size 2 is beautiful by virtue of being larger than a smaller number, so 22 must be even more beautiful because it's an even larger number.

    Of course this is false for the same reason as a blood sugar count of 100 being good, but 1100 being bad (even quite deadly). There is an ideal range that one should be in, and within that range there's wiggle room for subjective tastes etc.

    For blood sugar, you get too low, that's bad... too high, that's bad. Way too high and that's REALLY bad and life threatening.

    Same for weight. Too low and you have health risks, lowered reproductive ability etc. Too high and you have health risks and increased morbidity etc.

    So a size 2 is beautiful because it falls within the healthy range, even though it is quite low as even professional models are generally size 8 or below, and the average in the US is a 14 I believe (which is already getting on the large side). But the point being that it is within the healthy range.

    That size 22 is not. At all. Pretending she's just as beautiful in every way as someone who is fit and healthy is delusional. Pretending there aren't very real negative repercussions for being morbidly obese like that is not only delusional, but dangerous.

    I'm all for the idea of having people accept who they are and be comfortable in their skin. But spreading irrational BS that is this false and delusional is a "Bad Thing". Please stop it.


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