Sunday, September 7, 2014

Why Fred Astaire was the King - in 2 Seconds

So, This Fred Astaire Guy, Was He Really That Good?

Fred Astaire
Hey Fred Astaire, can you prove that you're a great dancer in two seconds?
Let's see Fred Astaire prove he was a great dancer in only two seconds. That's all it takes.

Okay, a quick hit from Fred Astaire which really just encapsulates it.

Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth
He's not looking at his feet, he's not trying to remember anything - he's checking Rita Hayworth out.
You’ll Never Get Rich (1941).

The scene goes on and on, but the comparison does not get any better for the pretty young lady (Rita Hayworth), who no doubt thinks she's just killing it. Yes, she does the moves... Rita does it just fine. However, as great a dancer as she is, Rita's completely out of her league. It's like comparing a paint-by-numbers job with a Rembrandt.


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