Thursday, July 17, 2014

Charlie Sheen at Taco Bell

Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen being Charlie Sheen. It's not everyone who can be in a shaky phone-camera video that gets over a million hits on youtube in a matter of days, with undoubtedly millions more to come. It takes a special person to pull that off.

Charlie Sheen is that man.

Everyone has their own opinion of Charlie Sheen, as do I, so I won't bore you with my opinion about this, which almost certainly is different than yours.

Let's just notice a few things and leave it at that:

  1. Charlie comes over and is friendly to some average fans.
  2. Charlie apologizes about being "hammered." He is a polite man in this situation. Who else would do that? Shows respect.
  3. Charlie appears to have a driver ("Gary"), so he isn't driving drunk or whatever he is.
  4. It is said that Charlie "stumbles" over. He's also avoiding some (unseen from this angle) obstacles on the way, so how much of that is "stumbling" is open to debate.
  5. Charlie has absolutely no self-consciousness in his "hammered" state about showing off his tattoos, and seems quite proud of them.
  6. Charlie is in excellent physical condition (aside from, well, being "hammered").
  7. Charlie like Taco Bell.
  8. Charlie does nothing, says nothing, and quite possibly has done nothing previous to this filming that was illegal or even inappropriate, unless you count public drunkenness/whatever, which is a valid point.
  9. It is hardly a surprise to see Charlie Sheen "hammered."
  10. These fine folks filmed Charlie in his compromised state and then posted this video after he was quite friendly to them. That also is something to think about, and I'm not sure myself how I feel about that.
  11. Charlie clearly can see that they are filming him and he couldn't care less - but then, he is "hammered."

All right, I've made my points or whatever you want to call them. If you went through with counters to all of them, I wouldn't argue. You go out drunk in public, you take the consequences. Charlie Sheen is a big boy and he can handle it.

You will, of course and thankfully, draw your own conclusions. And with that, I'll just provide the video.


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