Saturday, June 21, 2014

How they drive in Russia

How they drive in Russia

In Russia, you do not drive roads, roads drive you!

How they drive in Russia

In Russia, many, many cars are equipped with dashboard cams because there is so much insurance fraud there (I am told). This produces some awesome videos, such as the time some blokes driving on a highway got showered with debris from a passenger airplane crash. Wild stuff happens on those rough Russian roads, and it's become a bit of a mystique - "Driving the Russian Roads to Hell and Back!"

There are actual youtube videos - an entire category of them, in fact - of ordinary Russian trucks driving through snow and crossing rivers and plowing through mud and such. These boys want you to know that they mean business when they get behind the wheel!

Well, they like to act all tough about it, but the above is what's really going through these bad boys' minds when they brave the mean streets of Minsk.

Notice in that brief video, by the way, how the windshield gets cracked upon impact. Do you think the truck on the right stopped?

I bet you it did not!

Mean streets of Russia!


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