Saturday, June 21, 2014

Expect the Unexpected!

expect the unexpected
Were you expecting that?

Okay, what are you NOT expecting here?

expect the unexpected

One of my running pet peeves with the world is those clowns who think they're being brilliant when they tell you sententiously to "expect the unexpected."

expect the unexpected
Expect it!
They deliver this pearl of wisdom, then sit back, put their hands together in one of those little crosses at their chin, and get this wicked Yoda-smile while nodding their head slowly, as if to say, "Let it sink in deep, boy, you'll thank me someday."

expect the unexpected
So, were you expecting this, smart guy?
You can just read their thoughts as they lean way back and point their head briefly at the ceiling. "Wow, I have just conveyed on this dope the wisdom of the ages, the secret to my success, and he still won't do it and I'll still wind up firing him like everyone else."

expect the unexpected

Well, bucko, I will expect the unexpected, thank you very much, and here's what you'll get the next time you act like a pompous prig about it!


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