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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Keep on Trekkin'

Kirk Spock Alfred E. Neuman, Mad Magazine cover
Mad Magazine cover, October 1976

Kirk, Spock, and... why, who's that little Vulcan?

Could it be?

Alfred E. Neuman!

What, me worry?

But he's in a RED SHIRT!!!!!!

Dum de dum, da da da da Dum... da DUMMMM.

Kirk Spock Rock Band Star Trek

Things like this picture really bring into focus how long ago Star Trek: The Original Series was. By that I mean that enough time has passed that golden nuggets like these pictures have come and gone and become long forgotten until resurrected like ancient artifacts from the Egyptian Pyramids.

Kirk Spock

Now, they are just sheer delights, stuck in a time warp like something out of the Guardian of Forever. But William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy were always able to keep on trekkin'... and rockin'.

Pretty darn good caricatures, too.

Kirk Spock Alfred E. Neuman, Mad Magazine cover
Autographed, no less