Saturday, December 21, 2013

The meaning of "Fine"

Guy Advice: The True Meaning of "Fine"

The meaning of fine
True Words.
What is the meaning of "fine"? In my continuing effort to nail down what perhaps is obvious to some and completely foreign to others, I present the above. The meaning of "fine" has changed over the years. You used to go to your mechanic and say, "Please check the oil and the transmission fluid," and he would say "fine" and smile with a clear assignment ahead of him.

All too often nowadays, though, you will engage in a discussion with someone near and dear, about which there is, shall we say, disagreement. The closing words by the other party will be that ominous word, "Fine."

Once it is said, it's too late. The die is cast, the damage is done, and you can do nothing but await the consequences. That train has left the station.

Beware any conversation with anyone that terminates with the word "fine." You will rue the day.


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