Thursday, September 12, 2013

Space Frog

Off We Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Frog during space launch
It's one giant leap for frog-kind.
During a launch from Cape Canaveral, an interloper was swept up with all the euphoria and decided to participate.

Yes, that is a frog in mid-air.

NASA reports that this frog apparently was in some swamp water that the program uses during its launches to contain the noise and any possible fire damage to the launch pad. Apparently, they don't do a whole lot of screening of the water they use for that. NASA carefully notes that the location of the launch pad supports a nearby wildlife sanctuary where millions of critters are permitted to live - mostly - in peace.

Anyway, the little frog in the picture went for the ride of his life.

Not to be mean, but some comments about this include:

"A perfect 10 for form."

"He waited just a little too long for his princess to kiss him."

"I think the princess turned him down."

"Did it croak?"

"One small step for man, one giant leap for frog-kind."

"Ground control to Major Frog...."

"Best photobomb ever."

"It ain't easy being green."

"More bad jokes here than in our foreign policy."

"Open the pod bay doors, Kermit"!!

"I believe I can flyyyyyyyyyy."

 Probably the funniest thing about the whole incident, though, is that someone at NASA noticed the frog - it was on only one frame of the film - and marked and saved it, and then someone else decided to release the shot to the public. That's hysterical!


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