Saturday, September 7, 2013

Guy Advice: Life Choices, Good and Bad

Go with What Works

It is important to make good choices. Everybody faces choices in life. Do I get up today, or do I stay in bed? Do I eat breakfast, or do I skip it? Do I order in, or do I cook my dinner myself?

Some choices, though, are a little bigger than others. Do I go to college, or do I join the Army? Do I get a post-graduate degree, or do I get a job?

At the top of the heap, though, are choices you make about how you actually live that will follow you forever. Anyone can fix one of the easy choices mentioned above, one way or the other. You can always join the Army and then go to college, for instance. But if you make the wrong life choice, you are screwed.


Below, an example of a truly important life choice. In the end, as Billy Joel would say, you get up with yourself anyway. Heck, I don't care what you do, I've made my choices. It's your life, buddy, choose wisely.

Lindsay Lohan

Patrick Stewart


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