Sunday, July 21, 2013

Views of New York City

New York City is Endlessly Fascinating....

Some nice views of New York City. They are photographs that have that misty quality which makes you think of paintings....

New York City
NYC used to be a heck of a lot smokier than this

New York City
View from the Empire State Building, my apartment is almost dead center of this shot

New York City NYC above
Looking South, New Jersey on the right

NYC New York City Moon
The Chrysler Building may not be the tallest, but it is the most photogenic

New York City NYC
NYC seen from Roosevelt Island, Chrysler Building

New York City NYC
NYC looking from the southeast, not the usual direction. Brooklyn/Queens is dead center. You can just see my hometown, Manhasset, lower right.

Union Square
Terrific shot of Union Square ca. 1910. Unbelievably, it still looks just like this, with only a few subtractions of horrible glass nothing buildings on the left/west side of the park.
This shot also was taken in 1910, and is on the other side of Union Square Park. While the layout remains the same, the buildings are completely different now.Note all the film-related signs, this was the year when 'Hollywood' left 14th Street and headed to California.
The Park Slope air disaster. On Dec 16, 1960 two airliners collided over NYC. This child was the only survivor. He died the next day.
New York man reads a newspaper, the headline reads "[German] Army Now 75 Miles From Paris." May 18, 1940
Brooklyn Bridge 1914
Painters suspended on the Brooklyn Bridge 1914. Imagine the safety rules now!

New Years Eve 1935, at the Cotton Club in Harlem. Music by Cab Calloway, right.
Central Park in the fall

Grand Central Terminal
If you knew this was not Grand Central Station, but Grand Central Terminal, you're a real New Yorker

A shot from the ISS

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