Sunday, February 17, 2013

There be Whales, Captain!

Whale pod
Ay, Captain, any one will do!

I had a friend who just lives for whales. We once drove to a point north of San Francisco (a very cliff there, windy as hell, too) to see if we could spot some, but no luck. I can only imagine what she must think of this, and as is so often the case with old girlfriends, her loves wore off on me. The technical term for this is “super mega-pod,” and the whales covered an area of five by seven miles. Whales dig sardines, herring and squid (they must like pizza), so this is like the Woodstock of marine life. Nice to see that whales are here to stay, no worries about them dying out if the can stage this kind of event!

Oh, and for those who are not "Star Trek" nerds like me, the references are to "Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home."

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