Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Central Park, Beautiful Shot

Central Park, NYC jjbjorkman.blogspot.com

Central Park, looking South, New Jersey on the right, Long Island on the left, Wall Street straight ahead at the end of the Island. The building on the left part of the park just beyond the lake (which has a cool jogging path around it named after Jacqueline Onassis) is the Metropolitan Museum of Art, well worth a stop if you are visiting (worth a visit if you live there, too, the permanent collection is terrific, and the exhibits are top-notch). Everything in this picture has a name, but that's not the point of it - the sheer beauty of a New York City sunset is what it is all about.

And, if that isn't enough, here's one from a completely unique perspective:

Central Park NYC jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
Central Park, shot from directly above, South is at the top.

Ah, if I keep finding these fabulous shots, I'll get homesick!

Horizonless NYC map jjbjorkman.blogspot.com
Horizonless NYC

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