Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Advantages of Blogger

I used to have a full-blown website. You know, my own domain name, a web hosting service, the whole nine yards. Recently, I decided there really wasn't any point. Sure, I suppose there is an ego boost to having your own site bearing your own name and completely under your control (well, insofar as you can get the hosting service to do what you want). But Blogger is a simple set-up, there are no annoying bills to pay for it, it come ready to go like spam in a can, and it provides easy access to other google features. It also is a lot less hassle, not having to worry if your domain is pointing to the right place, that you are using the right code. My host also would go down at night sometimes for maintenance and at other times I would experience inexplicable problems with the site resolving. All sorts of little things are taken care of on Blogger. Another benefit is the feeling of community you can get from knowing there are others using the same service, which kind of hooks you all together. Nice to see other blogs using the same service and seeing what they are doing with it. I would recommend Blogger to anyone else starting out in the blogging field, go on your own only if you really do need more control over a bigger, fancier web site.

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