Friday, January 24, 2014

Think Before You Eat

Keep Track of What You Eat

think before you eat
Thin before you eat!
Think before you eat! Notice I did not say "don't eat." That's up to you. Most of these foods are simply too good to pass up completely, so I don't. But these are rare treats, not constants.

Just be aware of what it does to you to eat these types of foods. Eating them every so often is perfectly fine, which is what I do. Where you will run into problems is if any of these foods appears too regularly in your diet without some kind of corresponding trade-off.

Just for my own reference, because I think it's good for everyone to realize what they eat, I'm listing my own eating habits of these foods below. I've never really been overweight, at least noticeably. I can't remember the last time I ate at a fast food place like McDonalds. Pretty much everything is prepared at home. I still wear the same sizes I wore 20 years ago, more or less. I still fit into the same suits from then (ok, they aren't quite as loose on me as they were then, but I can and do occasionally still wear them). I can pick up shirts and pants from the '90s and wear them easily.

Whatever I do, it works for me. I hope what you do works for you.

My diet is pretty boring overall, but I have my moments. When I'm traveling overseas, I will indulge just to experience things (and, more importantly, I don't have my kitchen there anyway!).

Looking at that list, I don't do Frappucinos or chips and queso more than, say once every few years. Those are spur-of-the-moment foods which I might order under circumstances where they are there and there aren't a lot of good choices. Depends on the situation, but certainly never at home.

Milkshakes are a rare event. Maybe once or twice a year? Depends on the situation, I might buy a quart of ice cream once a year and then have several times in a month, but then not again for a year or two.

I might drink a 21-ounce can of soda once a month - I don't keep them in my house, but sometimes when you're out and about, they're convenient. I also get a can when I donate to Goodwill occasionally, probably every couple of months.

Cheesecake is a treat, maybe once a year, but probably less often than that. Same with pepperoni pizza (I love pizza, but eat it very rarely). Same with burritos, those are situational foods - if you're out somewhere and it's available, dig in!

Donuts depend on my willpower when I am in the supermarket. If there's a box on sale, I may buy it and then overdose on those glazed donuts for a week. Maybe buy a box two or three times a year?

I probably eat fried chicken breast once a month, same for the cheeseburger/fries, though they're both hit and miss. I had some fried chicken last week, but haven't had any burgers since last fall, maybe four or five months ago.

Now, what do I indulge in way too much? Popcorn is evil. Keep it away from me! LOL.


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