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Friday, June 14, 2013

A Kid Meets His Hero and....

Hero Worship Ain't All It's Cracked Up To Be

So Robert Downey, Jr. is in some little Massachusetts town filming his next film. A couple of locals decide it would be a terrific idea to bring their little kid over to meet the star of "Iron Man." Turns out the kid is a huge fan of Downey's character, Tony Stark.

So, Downey is completely happy to help out and take some pictures with the child, Jaxson Denno. That was his first mistake. Naturally, everything goes wrong.

Robert Downey, Jr. introduces himself to Master Jaxson Denno, 18 months old

Little Jaxson is in his own little world, minding his business, and this, you know, guy gets in his face.

W.C. Fields had a great quote about this kind of situation:
Children should neither be seen or heard from - ever again.
W. C. Fields 
Anyway, Jaxson wasn't quite up to meeting some dude in a polo shirt acting like Jaxson should be happy to meet him. Jaxson took one look at the over-exuberant Downey, and, as the song goes, that's when the tears start, fella.

Robert Downey Jr. with the best expression of his career - and he's not acting!

Well, at least Downey was a good sport about everything, even if no good deed does go unpunished.

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