Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The US From Space

The US From Space

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Looks like a nice, sunny day ahead.
The United States From Space.

This shows the United States from space at night-time. You can tell from the tilt of the earth that it is winter-timer. Daybreak is approaching, but it still is hitting Europe in this shot of the US from space. I'm not sure which is more fascinating, how much electric light you can see in this shot of the US from space, or how dark the vast majority of the planet is. Notice how the lights don't go farther north than a certain point. It takes an entire city of thousands and thousands of people and lights to make any impact. You can clearly make out individual cities - Denver, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, in this shot of the US from space. Those lights will travel across the galaxy until stopped by something ... somewhere.

Which light are you?


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