Monday, November 19, 2012

Man Advice: When a Woman Says Just Do What You Want

Guy Advice: The Fundamentals

woman says do what you want
"Just do what you want."
This guy advice thing is going to be a continuing series here. Let's start off with one unassailable and verifiable piece of wisdom. It concerns a typical phrase flipped off after a long "discussion," most often over dinner at a fancy restaurant where everything is starting to look at you and your woman a little funny.

When a woman says, "Just do what you want."

Oh, no no no.... Do I really need to say this? Probably not.

Here is just one of many, many possible bad outcomes from doing this thing that you have just been invited to do.

woman says just do what you want
Don't do it!
If my wife ends an argument with, "Fine, do what you want!" I'm pretty sure the words "If you do, I'll stab you in your sleep" are implied.


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