Monday, February 8, 2021

1920s Paris Cafe Society in Color

Cafe Chic!

1920s Paris in color
A beautiful day in Paris during the sunny 1920s.
Let's go out today, love. It's the perfect time to visit the choice cafes in 1920s Paris. We can stop off at the Cafe de la Paix, the Cafe du Dome, and other fashionable places to be seen. That's the whole point of going, right?
1920s Paris in color
The streets are bustling.
Yes, I know it will be crowded. It's Sunday and the sun is shining, the streets will be packed. But don't you worry, love, I know all the maître d'hôtels and we'll get only the best tables.
1920s Paris in color
Say, isn't that Madame DuBarry? She's looking quite chic in that hat and fur, she's always so stylish. But that young swain with her, that's not her husband, is it? I think that's one of her violin students... We'd better not go and say hello, she looks like she doesn't want to be recognized. But you really should ask her tomorrow where she got that precious mink stole.
1920s Paris in color
What is that couple eating over there? Looks delicious, though she doesn't look too happy about something. Let's order the same thing. Love the hat, too, but she could use more jewels.
1920s Paris in color
Oh look, there's Jacques. He always did have an eye for you! I don't think his date notices that he's suddenly distracted. She should have worn a hat to keep his attention. And maybe some mink.
1920s Paris in color
We'll wind things up with a dance at Robinson's in the park. Oh, what a delightful day!
I hope you enjoyed our little visit to the past. These restored films are becoming more and more common as algorithms improve. I understand they still require quite some time to render and finalize, though. If you liked this one, visit some of our other pages. And thanks for stopping by!


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