Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Ultimate Motivational Speech - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwazenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger's 6 Rules For Insane Success & Motivation

Ok. You probably have strong feelings about Arnold Schwarzenegger for any number of reasons. They may not be positive.

Regardless, if you are looking for motivation in your life, I am going to ask you to please put those aside for a moment and just start watching this video. I think that, no matter what preconceptions you may have about the man or what he has done, you will stay to the end if you make through the first three minutes.

This is very motivational stuff. Anyone with an ounce of ambition in their life should watch this video once in their life. It is one of the great college commencement speeches. Commencement Address by Arnold Schwarzenegger at the University of Southern California, May 15, 2009.

Incidentally, if you listen very, very closely, you will notice that there are times when Arnold's accent disappears completely and he speaks with just as little accent as any Midwesterner. It only lasts for an instance, and you really have to listen hard for it, but it is there.

Also, notice how quiet the audience gets as he goes along.

Food for thought.

Arnold's six rules:
  1. Trust yourself
  2. break some rules
  3. don't be afraid to fail
  4. ignore the naysayers
  5. work like hell
  6. give something back.
If you like this one, you may like the other one I posted. In it, Arnold gives a different version of this speech, but in a more conversational way and with different anecdotes.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Your Odds of Divorce in One Picture

Astonished cat
Yes, it's true!
Here's a brand new way to look at how likely you are to get divorced and taken to the cleaners if you get hitched.

It turns out that the old statistic about 50% of all marriages ending in divorce is just a myth. In fact, 50% of all marriages do not end in divorce.

However, your odds go through the roof under certain circumstances. The circumstances are shown below.

If you haven't looked at it yet, you may be thinking, "well, if they lived together beforehand, or if they met in a bar, or if...."

Nah, nothing like that. There is a numerical predictor of divorce probabilities that anyone can use as a rule of thumb, and it is nothing along the lines of what you read in the National Enquirer while standing in the checkout lane or saw on The Daily Show.

All right, here it is. It may take a second to figure out, but it will blow you away. You will have to agree that it is absolutely logical.

Your odds of divorce
Your odds of divorce.


Monday, October 6, 2014

Zombie Safe House!

zombie safe house
Do you want to wear the latest in Zombie Chic?
When it comes right down to it, do you want to survive the Zombie Takeover?

The Latest in Zombie Chic!

zombie safe house
Zombie House, complete with hang-glide escape - escape for the moment, anyway

Do YOU want to survive?

We are always trying to be helpful and give suggestions on how to survive the coming zombie catastrophe. It's not entirely altruistic: it will be lonely after the ghouls take over for us survivors.

After all, when your neighbors start pounding at your kitchen window moaning "Morgan, Morgan, we're coming for you Morgan!" you'll want to be able to laugh after your puzzlement about who Morgan is fades away.

So we made this suggestion, and this one.

When we put forward designs for a zombie safe house, though, I know what you're thinking: yeah, but what about when I want to take a bath?

Well, water is always a priority.

zombie safe house
Of course, you can always get too much of a good thing, too.
So, with this design, we solve the whole H20 situation once and for all with: a water tower!

That also goes a long way to solving the food problem. Once you have abundant water, you can grow your own crops on top of your pad. Of course, you might want more farmland than that, so try some vertical farming.

Huh? Yeah. Huh? Yeah. Huh? Sounds tasty.

If you can't quite afford the full deluxe water-tower-safe-house yet, there's an interim solution. All you have to do is build your current house next to a town water tower. Once the zombies arrive, it's all yours! In fact, the zombies may be the very people who ran the water tower before, so it's all good. You know how it is, you never want to go back to the place you used to work for. The zombes don't need water anyway, they'll be out scavenging for road kill and designer threads.

zombie safe house
She may look kind of tasty, but she'll find you a lot tastier.
Here is the text in the diagram that is too small to read:

This safe house makes use of an existing urban fortress – the water tower. With thick, smooth concrete walls and almost no openings, the water tower is ideal for holding off the undead indefinitely. With modest alterations, this safe house is designed to withstand a class 3 zombie outbreak, housing up to 6 survivors long-term in a self-sufficient stronghold.

The water tower is located on the outskirts of suburbia, where zombie numbers are likely to be lower. The existing tower is at the top of a steep hill, cleared of vegetation all around and surrounded by a 10ft chain link fence providing a secure outer perimeter. Importantly there are no external signs of the safe house within the water tower. This will reduce the chance of zombies (or other desperate survivors) seeing the occupants and trying to get in!

When inevitably the safe house is discovered, there are multiple defensive zones to give secondary defensive positions. In the desperate event where the zombies could be not be held back and a full breech occurs there is a final emergency escape – hang gliding off the roof to safety. Supply and equipment packs kept at the top of the tower allow a rapid and prepared get-away, flying across the valley to relative safety.


ROOF TERRACE: Garden / Escape Platform
Roof garden for growing fruit and vegetables. Outdoor exercise and relaxation area. Escape platform for hang-gliders. Walled on all sides so hidden from view.

PLAN 6: Water supply / Technical Equipment
Fresh rainwater is collected from the curved roof and held in the original tank after filtering. Hot water supplied from solar tubes. Electricity from solar cells stored in battery bank. Backup diesel generator in sound proofed room. Emergency escape packs on exit path to roof.

PLAN 5: Armoury / Comms / Workshop
Communications room to contact other survivors. Armoury of weapons to fight the undead and workshop to prepare equipment. Sound proofed to keep workshop noise quiet.

PLAN 4: Gym / Training / Lookout
Main activity level where occupants can keep a 360° lookout around the water tower and do daily physical / combat training.

PLAN 3: Kitchen / Living Level
Kitchen and relaxation area for all 6 occupants. Large food supply storage area.

PLAN 2: Sleeping / Bathroom Level
Sleeping quarters for all 6 occupants. Sound insulated to block out the constant moaning of the undead. Steel manhole hatch isolating from plan 2 below.

PLAN 1: Security Air-lock Level
Steel manhole hatch isolating from entrance level below. Retractable ladder access to plan 2.

PLAN E: Secure Entrance Level
Old water control station with no visual signs of safe house above. Retractable ladder access to plan 1.

New tunnel for access in and out of tower. Steel isolation door halfway in case of breech. Tunnel exit with steel hatch complete with lookout periscope.

Our last candidate was lacking water supplies, but it did at least have a sun deck.