Sunday, October 4, 2020

1925 Dordrecht, Holland, In Color

Dordrecht, Holland, in 1925 in color randommusings.filminspector.cmo
Dordrecht, 1925.
I love videos that take you on a trip. Normally, we take a trip to see other countries, other cultures, other sights. Now, many of us have done that, I've done that, and that's fun.

But now, thanks to modern technology, I like to take trips through time. Welcome to Dordrecht, The Netherlands. It is 1925 and it is a very nice day out.
As with other films in this series, this video was an original Black and White film that has been worked on by a specialist (you can learn more about him by clicking through to his Youtube page above). The creaky original film has been motion-stabilized, speed-corrected, contrast and brightness corrected, image noise removed, and by means of powerful A.I. software restored, scaled up, and colored. In other words, a whole lot of work has been done to it to make it palatable to modern viewing tastes - but it shows reality as it was, not how Hollywood would like to present it.
Dordrecht, Holland, in 1925 in color randommusings.filminspector.cmo
One thing you learn watching these films is that people tended to be more social in the past. Groups of men would simply stand around downtown waiting for work or news or just to have someone to talk to. Statues played a big role in daily life in the days before television and radio, with imposing figures towering over passersby.

But, there's no need to get overly intellectual about these films. They're just fun to watch, a glimpse of people who made the world we live in today. Full of life and cheer, hurrying home from the ferry or playing in the schoolyard with their mates, now long gone. It's the way of the world.
Dordrecht, Holland, in 1925 in color randommusings.filminspector.cmo
Thanks for stopping by. Anyway, maybe you agree with me that it is a fascinating treat to travel back through time and see a world that no longer exists. You may be interested in other classic old films of yesteryear, most in color:

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