Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Monkees Wild Dancing

Swinging Sixties Baby!

Monkees wild dancing randommusings.filminspector.com
Outta sight!
I like to post odd stuff on this site that pleases me for whatever wild reason. There's no deep thought involved. Basically, things pop up here just because they do. As the title says, if it pleases me, maybe you'll find it humorous, too. Yes, this is self-indulgent to the X Factor, but I've found that these pages can be surprisingly popular with my eclectic audience.

Yes, this page is going to take an ungodly amount of time to load. Sorry about that, modern technology is on it, it's ON it!

Today, I present to you: Monkees wild dancing!
Monkees wild dancing randommusings.filminspector.com
Who were the Monkees? Well, if you didn't know that, you likely wouldn't be here in the first place. But, okay, here you go, but you can skip this video if you know who they are.
In brief, the Monkees were a band put together by a guy named Don Kirshner for a television show in the mid-'60s. They started as a sort of joke but eventually became a real band with real hits. Sort of like a boy band of the '60s. Like, oh, Justin Timberlake's old band, I suppose. Oh, wait, some of you probably weren't born in the '90s, either. Okay... well, they were like rappers. But they didn't rap! Well, maybe Peter Tork did occasionally. See how original they were!
Monkees wild dancing randommusings.filminspector.com
So, who are the dancers in these clips from "The Monkees"? Darned if I know. You're not supposed to know who they are. If you do know, you're one in a million.
Monkees wild dancing randommusings.filminspector.com
I don't know how you'd characterize this page. If you want to think of it as a Monkees tribute page, that's fine by me. If you want to think of it as an ode to Swinging Sixties dancing, okay then. Or maybe it's all about ... Davy Jones.
Monkees wild dancing randommusings.filminspector.com
Oh, noes! Love has entered the room! Icksnay!
Monkees wild dancing randommusings.filminspector.com
By now, you're probably wondering, what was the point of this? Well, here's your answer: there is no point! I just like wild sixties dancing and the Monkees! Yes! That's it!

I guess either you get it or you don't get it. If you don't get it, I sincerely apologize. If you do... you're welcome!

Thanks for stopping by, and consider watching some of my other pointless dancing videos that you can find over there on the right if you're on a desktop! The one with the Hang On Sloopy girl is loads of fun.
Monkees wild dancing randommusings.filminspector.com


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